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Payroll & Pph21 Software PDF Print

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This is the most reliable & accurate Indonesian payroll software ever available to calculate Pph21, Tax allowance and Subsidized Government Tax which comply to the LATEST TAX RULE.

Prior purchasing our product, we will explain the above tax rule :

  • how to implement it to your payroll system with various tax calculation method.
  • how to create journal for accounting.
  • Up to printing of year end tax report 1721A1 and 1721A using 2 (two) different tax rules within 1 year.

ABS conducts a highly skill presentation explaining complex Pph21, Subsidized Government Tax and Tax allowance calculation with various tax method for conditions like :

  • All wage components using Gross method.
  • All wage components using Net method.
  • Majority wage components are Net and a few Gross.
  • Majority wage components are Gross and a few Net.
  • Calculated Tax allowance as Taxable income.
  • Calculated Tax allowance as Non Taxable income.
  • Move from 1 branch to another located in different Tax Territory
  • Move to another Company.
  • Tax calculation of Income which is received after resign date.
  • Resign date may not been changed.
  • Tax calculation of any income received after resign date will be calculated on that particular month.
  • Any tax calculation of income received after resign date must be referred to the month of resign date


ABS Payroll features :

ABS Payroll provides Pay Slip, Overtime report, Jamsostek Report, File Bank like BCA, Citibank and others, Employee's loan with interest calculation using various calculation method, Link to any Time Attendance Machine, Export/Import facility to/from another application such as Accounting and HR System Photo & Memo & Playback Employee's voice, Built in Audit Trail module with reports, Multi User/Company/Currency/Language, PMMK Facility.

Another features of ABS Payroll :

  • ABS is designed for Windows.
  • ABS will be tailor made within hours.
  • ABS requires no programmer in tailor made process.
  • ABS implements minimum data entry.
  • ABS integrated with major popular software such as SAP, ACCPAC, People Soft etc.
  • ABS stores employee's record, photo and voice.
  • ABS allows import and export of any table in database.
  • ABS implements the most advanced parameter technique to calculate any wage component as automatic as possible.
  • ABS allows multiple company, currency, language in one payroll system.
  • ABS is designed for multi user as well as single user environment.
  • ABS allows flexible search & browse in any table.
  • ABS allows user defined field in employee master.
  • ABS offers the most tightest security in Password management system comply to international standard.
  • ABS allows advanced data protection up to field locking.
  • ABS data payroll is 100 % encrypted.
  • ABS has on line screen helps.
  • ABS can start anytime of the year, transferring old data to ABS database at no cost.
  • ABS offers audit trail report for control purposes.
  • ABS is the only payroll software which is capable to do after sales support by Email with less than 5 minutes response time. No programmer needed to do after sales support means saving a lot of cost and time.

For more information Call: (021)392 5142, 392 4424 Ext. 100, 222

PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE: https://abspayroll.co.id